How I recorded the album
These days recording technology has come along so far its possible for anyone to record an album in a home studio.

I came across some great software, which I thought I'd share here.

I used :

Reaper as my digital workstation. Amazing value and rock stable unlike many better known programs.

Ultrachannel and Ultrareverb were two great plugins from Eventide that really cleaned up the mix.

Groove3 videos were invaluable as a source of knowledge on mixing and mastering.

For guitar I DI'd sounds from my amazing Roland GT10 via USB

Mastering was accomplished using Feedback Compressor II, Ferric, Brainworks cleanup and solo, some master eq, and W2 brickwall limiter.

For keyboards I used a variety of vst plugins, including Rapture, Kontact, Independence (free) and many others.