Escape by andyman
How I came to write this album
During 2012 I was employed as a travelling teacher of guitar and keyboard in schools. Unfortunately the powers that be decided that it was far better to make us all redundant and spend the money on the managers who would now teach whole class groups instead of individual lessons (ever tried that with 30 kids playing rock guitar or drums - good luck on that one !).

This coincided with a new head of music at one school that wanted me and all the other instrumental teachers to re-apply for our jobs. As I'd been doing this successfully for the past 15 years I told him to stick it where the sun doesn't shine.  :-)

So it was a very unsettling period for me along with most other peripatetic instrumental teachers in the UK, facing potential economic meltdown ! Just to cap it all my wife developed cancer and had to have a major operation. Fortunately she is ok now.

Session work Standon Calling Festival
I began writing music for myself as a means of escape. So this album isn't written to a formula for a band. It was music I wanted to listen to whilst out and about walking listening on headphones.

With the exception of the last track I wrote, recorded, engineered and played all of the instruments. This included 3 electric guitars, bass guitar, electric mandolin, acoustic guitar, a range of keyboards, and drums.
Photo Martin Cooper