Escape by andyman
Track by Track

The Tracks

The Holiday Escape the day before departure...


Imagine you're going on holiday and your boss decides to 'keep you on' for a few hours. I recorded this as fast as possible to maximize the effect !

Just Is
I was praying for a good theme, and I think I got one. The mental picture I had was of finding calm day dreaming on a busy London street. On the pavement I hasten to add, not the middle of the road... !

This was written using a DAGAD guitar tuning hence the unusual harmonics. I think I was half asleep when I wrote it :-) 

The day of the journey...


This was the most complicated piece on the album. I had a few goes at the ending before finding a theme that fitted. Its introduced by the alarm at the end of 'Snooze' and represents the manic panic of waking up late knowing you have to catch a taxi and haven't packed everything !

Coffee, Taxi
Now packed I'm chilled out waiting for the taxi over breakfast !

By Sea
This is the longest track at over 14 minutes, and is in four sections. It represents a dramatic trip I made to the channel Islands by sea during a storm.

i) Weymouth
This reminds me of the seaside town. I even sat on the beach listening to a demo of this section and a sea gull landed next to me trying to eat my chips. It sounded cool, so I added the sound fx when I got home !
(Thanks to Eelke for the sea sample here :

ii) Rough Sea
I sailed a couple of times in storm force conditions, and it was pretty dramatic and violent. Hopefully I captured this with the floydish solos.

iii) Alderney
One trip to Guernsey on the old slow roll on roll off ferry. I awoke at 5.30 am after the previous nights storm to a beautiful view of Alderney as we passed close by. This was what was in my head whilst improvising the solo.

iv) Land Ahoy
Although I like travelling by sea, I'm always relieved when I see the shore approaching..... :-)

Romanza Electronica
The main theme is a well known classical guitar piece. Several people have had a go at producing a dance version including Mike Oldfield on 'Light and Shade'. Its quite a short theme and the second variation in the classical piece doesn't fit with a contempory feel. So I decided to write a second theme to compliment it. I tried to capture the passion of a romance using mandolins (not samples !) and a driving beat.

St Brelades Walk
I have a passion for walking in the UK, and its not unusual to end up with all four seasons in one day, such is the variable nature of our weather. Listening to the pieces together reminded me of walking and reflecting on the problems I was facing.

This track repeats the theme from the start of the previous track and builds into a huge ending. I had some help, with drums played by Florin Werner, and a short but beautiful flute solo by Emma Stone. Reminds me of having a great time on holiday.